Take steps to break this toxic habit to bring back mental balance.

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Slow down and take a break to bring success and fulfillment to your work situations.

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Would you stop and smell the roses when they don’t have any?

A big red luscious rose.
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Other than getting that lovely tan, of course!

A man holding the sun rays between his fingers.
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Why does sunshine make you so freaking happy?

1.It makes you spent more time outside.

Summer sunshine forces us to come out of hibernation and to have some fun outdoors. Spending time outside in nature can lift your spirits and force you to chill and have some fun.

Win any argument without causing resentment by following these tips.

Two toy soldiers fighting each other with swords.
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Take these quick steps to snap out of your moody blues.

A toy cat with a grumpy mood staring out in the space.
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Is summer complete without a slice of chilled, sweet, and crisp watermelon?

An enticing slice of rich red watermelon with some fresh juice to drive away the summer blues.
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Answer the questions to find out how much you really like yourself.

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Do You Really Like Yourself?

Now comes the tricky part. Stop whatever you…

Are you terrible at handling conflicts? It might be your personality that is getting in the way.

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Stop sabotaging your success and find out how to deal with it.

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Chandrani Anantharaman

Lawyer, writer interested in writing about mental health, self-empowerment, and life in general. Follow me at www.chandanant.wordpress.com

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