Take steps to break this toxic habit to bring back mental balance.

Tell me one thing. Do you overthink things? You would probably say,” Maybe, I haven’t thought about that.” Our brains are always thinking. You can never really stop your brain from having thoughts. What we mean by overthinking here is, are you thinking the same ideas repeatedly, all the time.

Take these quick steps to snap out of your moody blues.

A toy cat with a grumpy mood staring out in the space.

Have you ever found yourself stuck in endless loops of negative, unproductive thoughts dwelling on the would-haves and should-haves while the world passes you by? Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed and grumpy, and nothing is making you feel happy again.

You sit listlessly, with an unmotivated blank mind, stewing about…

Are you terrible at handling conflicts? It might be your personality that is getting in the way.

In life, we have to deal with people having different temperaments, attitudes, and outlooks. Navigating emotions and dealing with people amicably requires skills that need to be developed to get along with those you meet and deal with in your everyday routine.

Like people, ways of dealing with conflicts and…

Chandrani Anantharaman

Lawyer, writer interested in writing about mental health, self-empowerment, and life in general. Follow me at www.chandanant.wordpress.com

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