Take steps to break this toxic habit to bring back mental balance.

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Tell me one thing. Do you overthink things? You would probably say,” Maybe, I haven’t thought about that.” Our brains are always thinking. You can never really stop your brain from having thoughts. What we mean by overthinking here is, are you thinking the same ideas repeatedly, all the time.

A negative remark, a rude look, rejection can make your heart freeze with sadness and depression. You can then spend hours thinking about what they meant by those words, turning them over and over in your heads till they are permanently stuck in your brains.

As Fyodor Dostoyevsky rightly said…

Slow down and take a break to bring success and fulfillment to your work situations.

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Do you think you spend your time at work running on a hamster wheel? You give your best, work long hours, burn the midnight oil, but there is very little result to show for all your efforts.

Why, despite being overworked and feeling drained, you often not get much done?

If you are currently confused why even after giving your all-in terms of time, effort, and resources, you are not getting much headway in your career or day-to-day work, maybe it is time to give some thoughts to your daily routine.

We are all different from each other in terms…

Take a nap every day to feel refreshed and more productive in life.

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Do you feel sleepy and sluggish throughout the day? Feeling drowsy can make you less motivated to work on your goals and can also be harmful to your overall health in the long run.

A good night’s sleep is essential to maintain a healthy body and mind, as a good sleep routine helps you feel refreshed and alert. It helps in healthy brain functioning and keeps your body from getting burnt out by fatigue in the long run.

As per research, adults between 18 and 64 need at least 7–9 hours of sleep.

Not getting enough sleep or waking up…

Why the habit of procrastination can set you back in life, and how can you overcome it.

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If you are like me, chances are you frequently postpone doing things that are so important that they make you slightly uncomfortable. You think you would handle it on a later day when the sun shines brighter or when you get up from the right side of your bed.

It need not be about work. You can procrastinate on having that haircut simply because you are terrified of getting a new hairstyle and bored with the same old. It can be as simple as calling your mum or washing those dirty dishes piling up in the sink.

There’s nothing to…

Stop rushing through life and slow down and smell the roses.

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Do you find yourself rushing through life, the days and weeks all blending into one rollercoaster ride? Do you often find yourself managing three or more tasks at the same time and in a pool of jangled nerves in fear of dropping them? Do you often forget to eat or take a shower in the midst of your tight schedule and only see your partner and the kids on weekends?

If you nod your head to most of these questions and feel smug thinking being busy makes you look successful, you need to shift your perspective or attitude before finding…

Here are the reasons why you need to include a glass of warm lemon water in your morning rituals.

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If you are into health and fitness, you must have come across articles about the benefits of drinking lemon water. The idea has gained popularity as it is a simple and easy way to make yourself healthy and fight infections.

What is lemon water?

It is the juice of a lemon mixed with water. You can increase the proportion of lemon to regulate the tanginess. Also, add a teaspoon of honey to it to make it sweet and more nutritious. Other things like mint can increase its freshness and make it even more healthy for you.

Why drink lemon water?

An average human body is 50–65% water. Water…

A moderate level of stress can be good for you. Find out how.

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In modern times, we cannot remove ourselves from stress one way or the other in our lives. Long term, chronic stress can create an imbalance in your body and cause serious illness if not proactively dealt with. But what if a short burst of stress is good for you?

We have a very negative perception of the stress we face in our lives. It causes mental issues, makes us feel depleted, and brings down our capacity to have a happy, fulfilling life. …

Follow these simple habits to have lifelong financial stability.

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You have heard people say that money does not grow in trees. Yes, it takes effort, planning, and diligence to create wealth, but how easily we throw them away on useless things.

You have a hard time managing money, not because you don’t earn enough but probably because it slips through your hand as fast as you made it.

Think about it. It takes 30 days of slogging and putting in endless hours at your job to earn your pay, and the first thing you do after getting it is to splurge on that expensive gadget or that dress you…

Here is how practicing patience can help you live a successful and fulfilling life.

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Since childhood, we are told to dream bigger and work faster to achieve great success in life. In this world, no one wants to wait and watch. Everyone is running the race to attain more-more money, more fame. It is not only vital to be successful; one has to do it at an early age. So, men and women are working night and day to retire at 30. Everyone wants to be a millionaire in their 20s.

Everyone wants to be the first to taste success. No one wants to take it slow as, let’s face it, life is short…

Overcome that niggling feeling of irritation by taking these simple steps.

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The pandemic has turned our world upside down, and even after a year, we are still grappling with getting accustomed to the new normal.

Things that we use to take for granted are not available right now. We have to get used to wearing masks outdoors while spending our time in close proximity with family as we all work remotely from home.

Living in close proximity with others can be very stressful even in the best circumstances considering people’s diverse personalities and complexities in general. …

Chandrani Anantharaman

Lawyer, writer interested in writing about mental health, self-empowerment, and life in general. Follow me at www.chandanant.wordpress.com

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