Take steps to break this toxic habit to bring back mental balance.

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Tell me one thing. Do you overthink things? You would probably say,” Maybe, I haven’t thought about that.” Our brains are always thinking. You can never really stop your brain from having thoughts. What we mean by overthinking here is, are you thinking the same ideas repeatedly, all the time.

A negative remark, a rude look, rejection can make your heart freeze with sadness and depression. You can then spend hours thinking about what they meant by those words, turning them over and over in your heads till they are permanently stuck in your brains.

As Fyodor Dostoyevsky rightly said…

Slow down and take a break to bring success and fulfillment to your work situations.

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Do you think you spend your time at work running on a hamster wheel? You give your best, work long hours, burn the midnight oil, but there is very little result to show for all your efforts.

Why, despite being overworked and feeling drained, you often not get much done?

If you are currently confused why even after giving your all-in terms of time, effort, and resources, you are not getting much headway in your career or day-to-day work, maybe it is time to give some thoughts to your daily routine.

We are all different from each other in terms…

Would you stop and smell the roses when they don’t have any?

A big red luscious rose.
A big red luscious rose.
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Can you imagine a beautiful rose without its rich, sweet fragrance? Roses come in all colors and sizes but what makes them different from the other equally bright flowers is their exquisite, sweet smell. I remember, in earlier days, when I bought a bunch of roses and kept them in a vase at home, the entire house used to smell heavenly with the unique fragrance of the flowers.

I agree that too much of the scent can be overpowering in its sweetness, but the smell of roses sparingly used can make any place feel unique and festive.

The other day…

Other than getting that lovely tan, of course!

A man holding the sun rays between his fingers.
A man holding the sun rays between his fingers.
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Have you wondered why getting outdoors and basking in the sun makes you feel so darn good? It is as if the warm golden rays of the sun take away all our stress and negativity, making us bask in health and happiness.

Ralph Waldo Emerson gave the perfect anecdote for a glorious life-

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea and drink the wild air….”

Why does sunshine make you so freaking happy?

1.It makes you spent more time outside.

Summer sunshine forces us to come out of hibernation and to have some fun outdoors. Spending time outside in nature can lift your spirits and force you to chill and have some fun.

A 10–15…

Win any argument without causing resentment by following these tips.

Two toy soldiers fighting each other with swords.
Two toy soldiers fighting each other with swords.
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We deal with people of different temperaments in our everyday lives, and, inevitably, sometimes our views do not match, resulting in a conflict. When locking horns with a friend or a family member, we often lose our senses indulging in a verbal battle that can hurt other’s feelings while the matter lays unsettled in the background.

Arguing with our loved ones can be futile when feelings are hurt, and sometimes words said can cause rifts in the most loving relationships.

As Robert Ingersoll rightly said,

“Arguments cannot be answered by personal abuse; there is no logic in slander, and falsehood…

Take these quick steps to snap out of your moody blues.

A toy cat with a grumpy mood staring out in the space.
A toy cat with a grumpy mood staring out in the space.
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Have you ever found yourself stuck in endless loops of negative, unproductive thoughts dwelling on the would-haves and should-haves while the world passes you by? Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed and grumpy, and nothing is making you feel happy again.

You sit listlessly, with an unmotivated blank mind, stewing about things that are outside your control, or maybe regretting the things you have done in the past, pouring over all the details and basically whiling away your time with your to-do list gathering dust.

We all have been in those situations when we cannot bring our thoughts back to the…

Is summer complete without a slice of chilled, sweet, and crisp watermelon?

An enticing slice of rich red watermelon with some fresh juice to drive away the summer blues.
An enticing slice of rich red watermelon with some fresh juice to drive away the summer blues.
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Summer for me is all about lots of sunshine, lazy days at the beach or near the pool, lots of greenery and flowers all around, and slices of sugary red watermelon right from the fridge…. lots of it.

As Mark Twain said,” When one has tasted watermelon, he knows what the angels eat.

I can have watermelon all the time, on its own directly from the refrigerator, in smoothies, as part of a fruit salad, or as ice lollies. A glass of watermelon juice complete with a dash of lemon and maybe a sprig of mint can help you cool…

Answer the questions to find out how much you really like yourself.

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You are the person you spend the most time with. You are the only one you can count on to be with you right from the time you were born till the last day of your life. Considering the enormous amount of time you spend with yourself, is there any doubt that you should have a great relationship with yourself to be happy and contented in your life.

As Dr. Seuss famously said,

“Today, you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!”

Do You Really Like Yourself?

Now comes the tricky part. Stop whatever you…

Are you terrible at handling conflicts? It might be your personality that is getting in the way.

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In life, we have to deal with people having different temperaments, attitudes, and outlooks. Navigating emotions and dealing with people amicably requires skills that need to be developed to get along with those you meet and deal with in your everyday routine.

Like people, ways of dealing with conflicts and differences can be many, and it speaks a lot about your temperament, personality, and attitude towards life.

You might find some who are adept at solving conflicts without handling the underlying emotions. It is like putting a band-aid on a dirty wound and be done with it.

Solving conflicts with…

Stop sabotaging your success and find out how to deal with it.

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Human beings are complex creatures, and most often, we are not really in tune with our emotions and don’t know what triggers the negative emotions in us.

Ordinarily, you would think, all we want is to fulfill our dreams and goals and that the achievement of our wishes and goals would make us excited and delirious with happiness.

But what if thinking of success makes you drown in fear, stress, and all the other negative emotions you usually associate with failure?

That’s a little difficult to believe, right? …

Chandrani Anantharaman

Lawyer, writer interested in writing about mental health, self-empowerment, and life in general. Follow me at www.chandanant.wordpress.com

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